In  the  Salvation  Army  men and  women from various  backgrounds  are called to serve  God  and  to   be  willing to surrender their  will to  God  in  the  daily  battle of  Good  versus  evil. The record  you  are  about  to  read    is  about various  events  which  occurred  in   the life  of  a  now  senile soldier  who  was  called  to  serve in  the  Salvation  Army  over  a ten  year  period.  It  is  a true  record   and  not  an  attempt  to  boost   the  ego  of  one  who stepped    forward  to  serve.

I was raised  as  an  Anglican in the  small  town  of  Naracoorte  in  South  Australia. Both  my  sister and  myself attended  Sunday  school and were  spiritually  aware  of    biblical    truth  but were  far   more interested  in  sport.  Most of my  late  teen  and  early  2O ‘s  years  were taken  up  with  the  study  of  Accountancy and in improving  my  skills at  Football and  Cricket.. My  conversion  took  place  at  the  Salvation  Army Hall in  Hobart on  the  3rd of  December 1990. I remember the sign outside  the  Hall which  read “Faith  &   a  Friend  you  will  find  both   in  Christ” . I have  found  that   to  be  true and  I enlisted in  the Army  leaving  my  work  as  a  Bank  Officer  and  becoming  a  Cadet  at  the  Salvation  Army  training  College  in  Sydney.

In  the early  1960’s  admittance  to    Training  College  was  not  difficult. Cadets served 2 years Training  and  were  then  posted to  either  Social Work in  an  Army  Institution  or appointed  as  a field  Officer   where   you  had the responsibility   of   conducting Worship

Services  ,Evangelical  work’,  and  dealing  with  the  General  Public  Please remember that I had no  Army  background  and the  College  staff  seemed   to  delight in  putting  me in  challenging  positions. I  was  often  called  upon to give  short  speeches with  no time to prepare.  My  limited  musical  ability  was  put  to  the test when I was  called  upon  to  play  the Big  Base  Drum. On  one  occasion.  I  mislaid  the drum sticks   and was  forced  to  use  my  clenched  fists in  an important  March  through  the streets of  Sydney.  Since the  Training  College also  catered  for  Women  Cadets   strict  rules  were  applied  to  prevent much  Social  Contact..Women  Officers enforced these  rules  with  Gestapo like  efficiency.

Your  writer  somehow  survived  these  hurdles    and courted Dawn  Lovegrove  whom he  married  on the  completion  of  training.  Our  first  appointment was to  the town of  Leeton  in Western  NSW.

.Leeton  Officer  Quarters consisted of  a small  battered weatherboard dwelling  with  a single  Bedroom,a bathroom small sleepout and kitchen  with no stove. The  previous woman officer had left weeks ago as she lacked the transport to cover the vast  area ofLeeton &  Narrandera .. The  few  soldiers who  attended  the  Corps  were  elderly and incapable of  giving  much  help to  an incoming  officer..A  sizeable debt had to be repaid   to  Headquarters in  Sydney.  The  main  Church  structure was  an ageing weather board building  which  had  not  been  painted for 6o years. But  Leeton  was  an interesting challenge.

It  was the usual practice  of  the  Officer to  conduct a  service  at  the nearby  Yanco  Agricultural  College  about  every 2 months. Having  no pianist I decided  to  use  an old guitar  and sing the  Slim  Dusty song  “The  Pub  with  no  beer”.I changed the  words of  the  song to fit  the  tune  and  had   my powerful  tape recorder  set up  behind  the curtain in the large  Hall. I  mimed  the  song  and thought  I  did  a  magnificent  job.  I think I  fooled most of  the  boys  except  those  who  sat in  the  front  row..

Another interesting  feature of  our  stay  at  Leeton was  a response to  a call  from  the  Local  Lions  Club  who  wanted  me to  visit  an elderly  man who could no  longer  look  after  himself  On  entering  his  house it  was  obvious that the place had  not  been  cleaned  for  months.The  bathroom  was   a special  challenge  with  months of  dirty  washing crammed  into   the  bath At  the  b ottom  of the  heap   were  two  dead  rats which  had  been  there  for  months. The  elderly  man  who  was  both  blind  and  stubborn  had  no  intention of vacating  the premises  and  eventually  had  to  be  forcibly  removed  to   the local age  care  facility.

Our  stay at  Leeton  had to be cut  short  as   my  wife  Dawn  developed  severe  hay  fever  and  we  were  appointed  to  Macksville on  the  mid  coast  of  NSW.

This  appointment was interesting  and  challenging as there  were  two  main  factions

  within   the  Corps.Any  favourable treatment to  one  faction  immediately  attracted hostile reaction  from  the other side. Macksville  was  a relatively poor  farming  area  and  fund raising  was  an ongoing  challenge.  The  Annual  Harvest  Festival as regarded  as  a fundraising effort and on this  occasion  the talented  Taree  Brass  Band  was   invited  to  conduct  a  program  whilst  members  of  the  Corps  manned  the produce  stalls. I  collected  a  range of  goods from  bunches  of  bananas  to  freshy  caught  Mullet from  the  Nambuc ca  river.However  our high  hopes  of a large  attendance  were  shattered when a rain  storm  hit  the town  2  hours  before   commencement of  the event I spent  the next  week  trying   to  sell  produce on a roadside stall.

On one  occasion the  Nambucca River flooded and the  town of  Bowraville  was isolated for   one  week.  An urgent  calll.was made for  help in getting  supplies  to  a group  of  Aboriginals  who  were   trapped  on  the  Bowraville  Race  Course. The  local speed  boat  builder said he would  tow his  small skiff(Boat) if  he could get two  volunteers. I offered  my  services  and the two of us who  manned the supply  boat began the trip  up river to  Bowraville. The trouble was   that when  our  speed  boat   driver set off he did so at  about 40kms per  hour. Dead trees  and other rubbish  were  being  swept  downstream.Our  tow rope  broke  and  we  found  ourselves  being  swept  down   the  river   with  the  speed  boat  in  hot  pursuit.  After  repairs to  the tow rope we  eventually  reached  the  Bowraville  Rac e  Course  and  were greeted  by a group of Aboriginal  women  and  children.  The first  question which was   asked  of  us  was not “what food  supplies you  have” but  “have   you   any  smokes”,  They  seemed  disappointed  at  our  negative  response!.

The  local  Hotels  and  clubs  were the  main  centres of  attraction for l,ocal  people . They usually  featured  the most elaborate buildings  .  The  churches found it  tough going  to  survive    but  the problems of  Gambling &  drinking continue to  grow. One  night I was called  out  by  the  wife of  a drunken  man  . Her husband had threatened  to  murder  his  family    and  was holding  a  double  barrel  shot gun  at  their  heads.  Fortunately  I  was  able to  distract  the man   until   the  heat  went  out  of  the  situation.

After  2  years  we  were appointed  to  the  Singleton  Corps  in  the  Hunter  Valley of  NSW.

The  Church  Building  was over 80  years old  and  had  to  be  replaced. The  owner  of a local  coal  mine had left about  $10,000   to  the  local  Army  and it was decided rebuild.

I promply  sold  the  old  hall to  a local  seed  merchant  but  he could not remove  the  building before the  contracted  time of  commencement.  It  was  necessary to remove the  old Iron  Bark  structure  by  ourselves..

With  a growing  family  of  3  children  under  five years  of  age  it  becomes  necessary  to have  liveable conditions  at the  Officers  Quarters.The  old  weatherboard  house at  Singleton was  badly  neglected  and the large flock of pidgeons  kept  by  the previous  Officer  had left their  “Trade Mark”It took about  3  weeks to  clean  up.

As  the  new  hall was progressing it  became  necessary  to find  additional  finance . It  was   decided to open  a Thrift  Shop managed     by one of  the older soldiers.  Additional  finance

W as raised  through  the  sale of  Cotton  Wipers  to  the large  earth  moving  Contractors  operating at  Liddell  power  station.  This was  no  small  challenge  as I  can remember receiving  an order  for 40  chaff  bags of  rag. We  did  not  have  a  cutting  machine

 So  the material had to  be cut  with domestic scissors.

One  Sunday  afternoon when my  wife was  attending  a Funeral  in  Brisbane   a visitor  arrived  carrying  an old  guitar  and  followed   by a faithful  Border  Collie   sheep  dog. I prepared a meal consisting of eggs  sausages  baked  beans.  He  promply fed  the  meal  to  the  dog claiming  that  the  tinned  Dog  Food he  had received  at  Newcastle  was  unfit for human  consumption. He then   claimed that he was  a  Country  Western  Singer and promptly sat on the back  steps  and  gave  a wailing rendition  of “Little  boy  lost”.He then made the surprise announcement  that “He  was  the  Son  of  God”and required  a bed  for  the  night. It  was midnight  before  he left  proceeding   down  the  street  calling  out Ï  am  the  Son  of  God”..  I  have  returned”. It  was  amusing  to  see   the number of   house     lights being switched  on   in  rapid  succession as he proceeded down   the darkened  street..He  was returned  to  a  Newcastle  Mental  institution the  next  day..The  New  Hall  at  Singleton  was  paid  off after 2  years and we were  appointed  to  the Zillmere Corps in  Brisbane

The  living  conditions  at  Zillmere were  a vast  improvement on other places we had  served  and  the small Corps  had many  young  folk  and  a few  faithfcul  workers  willing  to  help when  needed.

Planned  giving  was yet to be introduced and it  was  a continual  struggle  to pay  Corps expenses. On one  occasion I found it  necessary to  give  a sermon  on  giving and   on  Sunday  Night I appeared   as a   priest  in  suitable  attire. Having  consigned  most of  the  congregation to  “Purgatory”   I then  proceeded  to explain how giving had actually improved in recent Sundays. Instead of getting  buttons in  the  collection  plate  we  were now getting  metal  washers. Unfortunately   a group of six  new  people  had  made their  way into the rear seats of  the  hall before I  commenced the  sermon. We  never  saw them  again!.

At  Zillmere  we  became acquainted   with  death in  an  unusual  way.A  city  crematorium was nearby  and the local Army  Officer  was regularly called out to  conduct a    service. Often there were only one or two relatives  in  attendance.I had  the assistance of an elderly  comrade  who loved doing these services but he had  a tendency  to  go “Ön   &  On”. His proper name &  rank was that of  Envoy  Jones.  The  young people renamed him “Convoy   Jones”..

Many  Officers do not like or participate  in  “Pub  Collectiing” Some use it  as  a great opportunity to  get  acquainted  with needy  men   and  women.  On  one occasion my  wife  was  banned from  a certain pub but 2 weeks later the publican pleaded with her  to  return. Apparently his  customers were refusing to  drink  at his hotel  until  the  Army  returned.

Our  stay  at  Zillmere had to  be  cut  short  as  health  problems  began to  develop.It is also  necessary to  assess the effectiveness  of  your  work in  the  Army.

I  was  completely  “green” when  I set  out  on  this  journey.  Hope fully  I am a little  wiser and   a better  person  now that  my  Journey  is ended..


                           A   SOCIALIST   SCHEME


I waited  patiently  outside  the lecture hall at the  Adelaide  University. Inside students were  being  given a solid   dose of  Global  Warming propaganda. Students  seemed wildly excited at the prospect  of  “Saving  the  world “. Gratten  and  I  waited    as the  young  lecturer  explained how the  future  of planet  earth lay  in  their  hands .Our  children  and  grandchildren  would  be  forever grateful . Gratten and I waited  until the lecture  finished  and students  began to file out of  the  Hall. We  handed each of them  a  booklet   which  contradicted  most of  what  they  had  just  heard.

At  last  our  youthful  Lecturer  appeared  suitably  attired in ragged  Jeans  and  darkened  sun glasses  perched precariously   on  a  mass  of  black  shoulder  length  hair. Two  large  metal  rings  hung  from  his ears  and suggested that this  specimen   of  humanity  had  just  escaped  from  the nearby  Adelaide  Zoo..  He reluctantly snatched a copy of  the  booklet from  our  hands  and  headed for  the  canteen.  But  why should  a pair  of  elderly  activists have to challenge  the teachings  of  that  fountain  of knowledge Adelaide  University.?

Two weeks prior  to this  event  Gratten  and  I had  booked a room  at the  University  and invited students to attend.  We planned to screen a film debunking  Global   warming.

The One  student who  did  attend  said  .that  her  lecturer had told students  to  stay  away  because  they  may   hear things which may “Upset  their  thinking”. So  much  for  academic  freedom

On  another  occasion we  invited  the  head of  the  Dept of  Meteorology  in  Adelaide   He did  not  support  Global  Warming  theory.  but  was reluctant to speak out  against it  as his  job  would  be on  the  line.. This  man  has  now retired and the Dept  of  Meteorology will  not divulge his address and phone numbers .

There is now  a mountain  of  evidence to refute Global  Warming theories and many qualified  Academics   and  Politicians  who  would  be classified  as skeptics.  We  are  firmly  in  that  camp.  Our belief is summed up by poet  Dorothy  Mackellar  who  wrote…

“I  love  a sunburnt Country .. A  land  of sweeping  plains

Of rugged  mountain  ranges… Of droughts and  flooding  rains

I love  her  far  horizons        …..I love her  jeweled  sea

Her  beauty and  her  terror… the  wide  brown  land   for  me  “

     The  Canberra  Circus  !

One can only   be forgiven  for thinking that  many of the  current  crop of  Federal Politicians  have escaped the local  mental institution or from police  custody.From  past experience there is no doubt that  most  Candidates  for  Political  Office  know  something  of  their own   racial  background  and would  be  aware of the detailed  requirements  for  candidates  as set  out in  the  candidates  handbook  compiled  by  the  Australian  Electoral  Commission

Our constitution founders  went  to some lengths  to protect citizens when  they  drafted

the original  document  dealing  with  dual  citizenship .Over  the years it is my  belief that  many  politicians have illegally   sat  in  Parliament  and that there has been an unwritten mutual agreement  not to  blow   the  whistle  on members  of  the other  side  regarding  their citizenship. However ,where  necessary , they have reserved  the right to exclude members of  smaller parties and individuals  who  may threaten cozy  arrangements  among  the  ruling  elite.  Pauline  Hanson  and  David  Ettridge  discovered this  when they  were  found  in  breach  of certain  membership  requirements  in registering   One  Nation.

The sheer  hypocrisy of the  mainstream  media and  many  politicians  was  clearly demonstrated  when  Senator   Hanson  wore  a  burqa  as    means of highlighting  the  danger  to  National  Security. It  would be quite  easy for any  person under  cover of  a burqa  to  smuggle a light  machine  Gun into  Parliament or  any targetted  area. However the  Government  Senate  Leader, George  Brandis   made  an emotional and hypocritical  speech  claiming  that  her  actions  actually  posed  a threat  to  the  good  relations  enjoyed with  less  radical   Muslim  groups and Australian  Law  enforcement  authorities.


It  should  be  noted  that  Australia is officially   at  war  with  the Muslim  ISIS.  Our   Military is actively  engaged in  the  Middle   East.  This  being  the  case  there is an obligation on  the part of our  Government to protect  our  citizens and  sovereignty  by

Isolating  dangerous  elements  in  the  Community.  It  should  be remembered  that  many patriotic  Germans   &  Japanese were  held  in  custody  in detention  camps during   the  Second  World   War.  It is   wishful  thinking that  Australian  citizens  will be  treated  with  any degree of  mercy  by  the declared  enemies of  Christianity  &  Western Civilization.



There is no  doubt that many questions  arise  as  a result of the citizenship  debate in Canberra.Will laws and regulations  be valid  which have been approved  by previous Governments .Have all of  the present crop of Politicians  declared  their  hand in response

to the illegal  citizenship  debate.  We  doubt it!.

Some years ago an alert member asked  me to  check  the  validity of PM  Julia  Gillard  It was  impossible to  get  a response from  her  office.An  English citizen seeking Australian citizenship   is required to get British  Government  approval before  acceptance as  an Australian.  Citizen

Whilst  a purge of Coalition  members is taking  place  it is interesting   to  note that no ALP  sitting  member   has  been  willing  to come forward  to  declare thier  validity.  This  should  be  fully examined as  many  ALP  members are  ex  Union  Bosses who  migrated  to  Australia  from  England .  After a few  years of Union  Agitating  they have     been  given Safe Labour  seats  as  a reward  for  services  rendered.

Another  point of  interest  is that  when  a Liberal or  National  Party member falls  from grace  he / she  is promptly removed. and  isolated  by  the  Party. Not  so  with Labor  Politicians..  A  fallen  comrade  is usually  given  a cushy job at  taxpayers  expense  or appointed   to  a diplomatic  position. David  Coombe , onetime  National  Labor  Secretary   is  just  one  example,

After being  found guilty  of  collaboration  with  a known  Russian  spy  at the height of  the “Cold  War””  was  immediately appointed to Canada    as  a key  diplomat. 

In  South  Australia  we seem  to  be  dogged  by  a string of  Financial  disasters      which tends to  make  you  wonder why anyone would want power  and  be  saddled  with  the results of years of  financial   incompetence   of  Labor.However   Jay  Weatheral with his  Army of PR stooges  assures  us that  all  is   well  and that he should  be returned to  power.

Meantime  Nick Xenophon  is claiming he has the  answers and his team  should  be  given  a fair  Go.     We  doubt if he and his followers will be little else  than “Fence  Sitters”. Motivated       by  self  interest. .

In   Queensland a State  Election  will  take  place  shortly  and  One  Nation is tipped  to  do  well. It could b e that  One  Nation will hold  the  balance  of  power.  This is possible if Pauline  Hanson  can  find sufficient “Grass  Roots” supporters  to  hand out Electoral  Material  on  polling  day..  Pauline  may find  it  difficult  to  hold together  her team if  they  are  elected.  Many have used  her  coat tails to  get  elected  and many may try to  do  “Deals”with  other  parties once  elected.

The  next  12 months will be  an important time in  Australian  History    so  fasten   your   Seat  Belts   for  a rocky  ride.!.



                             NEWSLETTER - JULY 2017

The  Action is in  the  REACTION

The recent  spate of Terrorist  activity sweeping  the  world  raises several  questions which require  answers,

Your  editor does not  pretend to  know the specific details of age oid conflicts in  the  Middle  east   but there  are several  pieces of   the  Jig- saw  puzzle  which when placed together  make  an interesting    picture.

1.      Many of  the top  level   Terrorist  leaders have  been trained  in Russia.

2.      Many of the most  radical Imrans  who preach  hate and  have great influence over Muslim  Communities are ex- Communist  operatives highly  skilled  in the arts of 

Deception  and subversion. Terror tactics are  promoted  to  achieve  Communist  Goals.

3.      The  major  goal of  both  Communists & Socialists  is  a New  World  Order  with  the use of  the  United  Nations  Organisation  to  achieve  Globalist  goals

4.      Our  politicians  and  political  elite should  be asked the  question “Will their  actions  and decisions decrease their power over the population  or will   they  increase



            Our politicians, in response to the Terror   attacks  are recommending &  supporting  measures  which  would  place  most  law abiding  citizens under  constant  scrutiny.  The steady       increase in  the   size  and  reach of Government leads  to  total  Government  which is exactly  what  Hitler  wanted  and  achieved.

            GREEN   RELIGION

                 Environmentalism  is   the  nerw  Relgion.

Is this  a  bad  thing? YES ,more precisely   for  two  reasons.

It is  based  upon  false premises   and on those false premises  it  seeks  to impress its  vision of  the   world  via  force  of  Government(namely) the   UNITED  NATIONS.


Mikhail Gorbachev,former head of  the  Soviet  Union says  “I  consider  the principles of  the earth  charter to be  a new form  of  the  10 commandments.  They  lay  the  foundations  for  a  sustainable  Global  earth  Community:  nature is  my  God . To me  nature is sacred, trees  are my  temples  and  forests  my  cathedrals”

Carl  Amery,   a German   environmentalist  says  “We in the Green  movement aspire to  a

Cultural model in which  the killing  of  a forest  will be  considered  more  contemptible and  more  criminal  than  the sale of  a 6 year old  child  to Asian  brothels.

These  quotes are  not indicative of  cool  headed scientific thinking   but  betray a deep  religious  zeal and  conviction.   For  the  Greens the earth  is  sacred    and  must  be  protected.  Human  industrial  activity  is ruining and to  an extent  already  has  ruined  the earth  causing  Global  Warming of  the planet  and should  be reversed or slowed down  by reducing  carbon emissions  and  adopting a more  sustainable  life style.  Westeners  must  adopt  a more  sustainable  standard of  living; use less rescources, ride  bicycles  or  take public  transport   rather than  driving  cars

To  Greens  people who  don’t  go sustainable   are  condemned as  sinners blaspheming  against    Gaaia.

Paul  Rubin  ,writing in the Wall  Street  Journal in 2010  said “.While people have  worshipped  many  things. We may  be the first to  build  shrines  to  garbage””.

Don’t  be surprised  when   your  school  children  come  home  educated to  accept  “Green” theology. ..

               From  IRAN   with LOVE

“From  Muslim fundamentalist… to Christian evangelist !.

 From teacher of  Islam  …..To proclaimer  of  Christ !”

                                 An article  by Samuel  Israel.

This  is  a true  story of  Dr Daniel Shayesth .  Born in a devout Muslim family in Northern Iran, he  could recite the Koran from  memory  at  nine.As  a devout Muslim  he grew  up  learning  to hate  Jews and  Christians.  The  Koran  calls them  unclean,and his life  was one of ignorance as to  other religions.

He graduated from  the  University of Tehran in  November 1979. While at  University  he became deeply involved in  the Iranian revolution. He  married  a woman who was a committed  revolutionary.He and his  revolutionary colleagues  dedicated  their  lives to overthrowing  the Shah of Iran  and installing Ayatollah Khomeini  as  leader. He and his colleahgues believed that once Khomeini seized power, the gap between rich  and  poor would  disappear  and peace and  democracy  would  prevail.

THE REVOLUTION…did occur in 1979 and it became clear that the promises of reform and  democracy were  all  lies.  Instead  a cruel  and  vicious police  state  was inaugurated and all  dissent quickly  and  mercilessly  crushed. Dr  Daniel says,”” We  were misinformed and brainwashed.”

      Countless  people were   killed and imprisoned

Family  members   who  dared  to  question  the terror  were tortured. And  killed. Dr Shayesteh when seeing this betrayal  decided  to run as an independent  candidate for  Parliament. For this he endured  several  months of  torture   and was sentenced  to  death.  All these events made  it  clear  that  he had  to  flee  the  country  with  his  family  and through a series  of  events he was able to reach Turkey.
 It was in  Turkey where  he started to  attend a  Church   which  was  ministering  to  Irani refugees. They  gave  him  a New  Testament  and he  was touched  by  the  services.He  had dreams about  Jesus which many Muslims have  and after resisting for  some time he finally surrfendered  his  life  to  Jesus

The witness of other Christians  and  the  awareness of  Islamic  totalitarianism  could not  have  been  clearer to Shayesteh  and  he  knew that  Christ  wanted his whole life..  He was able to  break the  news of  his  conversion  to his  wife  and  children  and they  too experien ced   the  liberating  love  of  Jesus.

He  and his family  made it  to  Australia  where  he now  conducts  a  world  wide  ministry warning  Westeners of  the dangers of  oppressive  Islam  and its  goal  of   World  Domination.  He  warns of  being  fooled  by interfaith and  multicultural  ventures.




When  Labor regained  power in the 1972 Federal  Election the Federal  Labor  Minister

for  Hindmarsh, Mr  Clyde  Cameron,  boldly  stated”People have  got to realize that they can  no  longer choose what they wish to  do  with    their real estate  Property”

To  students  of  Marxist theory  & practice the  abolition of  Private  Property is  a central plank in  left  wing policy.  It was adopted  by the  Labor  Party  at  a  Federal  Conference  in

Brisbane in the early 1920’s  and has remained there  under  the guise of  a  commitment  to “Democratic  Socialism”..  The  Brisbane  resolution brought an immediate  telegram of  congratulations  from  Moscow.

In  1972  Sir  Arthur  Rymill as a legislative  Councillor in  the  S.A.  Parliament observed how  Labor  was restricting young people with its  Housing  Policies.   .  He  quoted  the Federal  Labor  Minister  for  Housing  Mr Dedman  ALP. Mr  Dedman claimed  that it  was  not in  the interests  of   the  Labor  Party to encourage  Young People to attain  Home  Ownership as it  encouraged them to  become  “Little  Capitalists”.With housing affordability beyond their reach  Young  People would remain as Labor party  voters.

If one examines the recent trends in Real  Estate  Property  values  it becomes obvious that various  Government  actions at  State  Local  &  Federal  Levels have priced  most  Young  People  out of  the   market. A  major overhaul of  the host of  building  regulations  should  be  a  major concern  at  all  levels of  Government.  Governments  could  start  by releasing

more  land  for  development.



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